General Camp Info


CAMP Tax ID # 94-1156365

       Gift Certificates will be available in December as well

There is availability in all camps unless otherwise noted.

Please contact Camp Director if you have any problems with registration.

Registration is taken online through Please make yourself an account for future referencing.

To register for camps-


To register for camps -

To access your account after it is created, go to:

For Registration Issues, call ACTIVE Customer Support at 888-820-5808

between 6 am - 6 pm PST Monday - Friday.

If your issue is not resolved in a timely manner, please contact Camp Director.


For registration changes, transfers or cancellations, contact Camp Director, not


Special dietary needs (Overnight Camps only)shall be addressed with Dining Services. Please contact Camp Director for further information.

Camp Director: Tom Orlich


Office: 559-217-7806 office hours.

Fax:     650-723-5739

The Camp Cell phone number: posted during camp

For use DURING CAMP HOURS ONLY. Leave a message if prompted as the Director may be inside Maples Pavilion where there may be limited reception.


Please DO NOT bring valuable items to camp. Campers are responsible for all items brought to camp.

Day Campers register at Maples Pavilion.

(Overnight) register at the Dorm

Campers Flying to Camp:


If your camper is flying to or from the San Jose Airport or San Francisco International Airport we recommend SuperShuttle Airport Shuttle 1-800-258-3826 or

Refund Policy:

Campers who depart camp after registration will not receive refunds.

To reserve a spot in camp, tuition is required in full.

There will be a $200 administrative fee for all cancellations.

No refunds issued after camp begins.


It is recommended that anyone who plans to watch his or her camper during the week purchase a parking pass. Parking passes may be purchased at registration while supplies last. Parking regulations are strictly enforced on campus by the Santa Clara PD and citations are issued 24/7.

After registration, daily parking passes may be purchased at Parking & Transportation Services Department located at 340 Bonair Siding, 7:30 am-5:00 pm (the buildings in the back of the Maples Pavilion parking lot)

Watching Your Camper Play:

You are welcome to attend any session of camp where there is room for observation. We ask that parents and observers stay off the playing court. There is spectator viewing in the balcony of Maples Pavilion, an observation area on the balcony around Burnham Pavilion and hallway standing room at the Ford Center.


The Maples Practice Gym does NOT have room for observation.


If your son is injured and needs to be taken to emergency services we will attempt to contact parents first. If unable to contact parents immediately, the camper’s safety is our first concern and he will be taken for treatment to the proper medical facility. Every attempt will be made to contact parents subsequently. It is important to list an Emergency Contact person other than a parent on the registration form.


Parents will be asked to pick up their sons who cannot participate in camp activities due to injury, illness or homesickness.

Camper Deportment:

Campers will be asked to follow a set of rules designated to ensure that the camp is fun, safe, and provides a successful learning environment. Though we rarely have problems, campers who repeatedly fail to follow the rules will be sent home immediately.

See Camp Rules for details.

"Camp Store" All Elite Camps:

There will be a "camp store" canteen style area, set up at registration and in the dorm lounge in the evenings. It will have clothing, candy, food and drinks.


Resident campers are encouraged to deposit money (CASH ONLY) in camp store account to avoid the need to carry money or risk having money go missing.


Any monies that is not spent during camp, will be refunded (in CASH) and should be picked up at check out.



To register for camps -